Indoor Entrance Mats & Rugs


We carry a full line of entrance matting to suit your facility. Help to keep your facility clean and safe while lower your cleaning costs. Choose Treadall for your entrance flooring needs.

Grizzly FX premium winter entrance matting

Grizzly FX

Type: Dryer / Scraper    Traffic: Very High

This mat was specifically designed to stand up to harsh winter weather. It can handle the highest traffic locations and has a very high capacity for holding dirt and water.

Design Tweed

Type: Dryer    Traffic: Light to Medium

This attractive tweed patterned mat helps to hide dirt and wear. It is suitable for light to medium traffic areas.

Heather Plush

Type: Dryer    Traffic: Medium

This medium duty dryer mat features a olefin face bonded to a durable vinyl backing. This plush mat is great for entranceways and lobbies.


Type: Dryer    Traffic: Medium

This entrance mat features the classic and ever popular herringbone pattern surface. This pattern helps to wipe shoes while hiding wear and dirt.

Nylon Supreme

Type: Dryer    Traffic: Medium

The nylon fibers of this carpet provides excellent wiping and absorbing benefits. This plush entrance matting will look great in your building.

Twin Rib

Type: Dryer    Traffic: Medium

The ribbed, two level design of this mat helps to trap dirt inside the ribbing to maintain a clean appearance.

Water Keeper

Type: Dryer    Traffic: Medium

This entrance mat is specially designed to hold water, holding up to 1 gallon of water per square yard. Comes with raised, reinforced border to create a dam to trap the water inside the mat.