5 Tips For Choosing The Right Commercial Entrance Mats For Your Business


Posted: November 23, 2009

Choosing rubber entrance mats for your business may sound like a simple matter, but when you’re looking for the perfect entrance matting, you may find the choice more difficult than you expected. The following tips can help you make a good decision for your business.

  1. Consider where you’ll put the entry mats. If your mats will go in a reception area frequented by customers, you may want to consider custom logo entrance mats, which give a very dignified entry for new customers, and show your pride in your company.
  2. Consider the types of customers your business receives. For instance, if your company’s main visitors are construction workers, you will want a heavy rubber or carpeted entrance mat that can stand up to the dirt and wear. If your customers are primarily business people, you may want a carpeted entrance mat in your company’s colors or, as mentioned, with your company logo.
  3. Consider the environment outside your business. If you are in an area that gets a lot of snow and/or rain, or if your business’s environment tends to be muddy, you might consider a commercial mat with ribbing to scrape mud off visitors’ shoes or boots as they enter. These mats can be custom-made to go with your overall office design; keeping your entryway clean and free of dirt and debris does not have to mean installing an eyesore of a commercial mat.
  4. Consider the colors of your reception area. Rubber entry matting comes in many colors, and choosing a color that complements your décor, rather than just going with basic black, can make your entry mats more a part of your reception area, rather than drawing attention to itself. You may be surprised at how attractive commercial matting can be, when it is chosen with an eye toward blending in.
  5. Consider how much traffic your entryway gets. If you have a very busy office, a custom commercial mat built to stand up to heavy traffic can keep your foyer clean and attractive for years to come. An entry mat with alternating rows of rubber and carpet strips can scrape and dry the feet of hundreds of visitors per day, while presenting a professional appearance to your visitors.

When you evaluate your entrance mat needs, take into consideration every aspect of your business—your customers, your environment, your foot traffic volume, and your current office décor. By making an entry mat part of your entryway, instead of just something you’ve thrown down, you can improve the appearance of your foyer by providing attractive entry mats and keeping the entryway clean and neat.

Whether your reception area usually hosts business people or construction workers, there is a custom commercial mat for your needs.